About us

Optimal performance should be the norm - not the exception.

Turing is a digital solutions provider that uniquely combines the power of AI with human expertise. Named after the father of AI, Alan Turing, the company revolutionizes how businesses around the world manage their water and land operations.

Through AI and IIoT technologies, Turing empowers organizations to achieve unparalleled system performance. Our clients consistently reduce operational costs, minimize maintenance downtime, improve efficiencies, and meet compliance standards with our end-to-end digital solution platforms.  

Launched in 2023, Turing brings together three innovative companies: Synauta, a digital solutions company utilizing Machine Learning for RO energy savings in water treatment; SpaceAge Labs, an IIoT and AI company for water network and land management; and Gradiant’s digital business, which spearheaded Turing’s launch.  

Your success is our success.

Turing’s digital platforms have achieved significant adoption by clients, which include Fortune 100 companies and large public utilities:

  • Delivered digital solutions to Aqualia, BHP, ENGIE, PUB Singapore, Rio Tinto, Severn Trent, Detectronic, and Xylem.
  • Helped PUB Singapore remotely monitor its wastewater network, saving over $5M in O&M costs. 
  • Achieved savings of up to 5% in energy costs at an ENGIE plant in the Middle East.
  • Helped secure more than 10% of energy savings for a seawater desalination project in Australia.
  • Achieved significant concept acceptance by top 150 commercial landscaping companies in the USA, demonstrating potential 20% savings in operational costs.

Turing is leading the way toward a future of optimal performance for treatment facilities, water networks, and terrains around the world.

Meet our team

Impactful. Collaborative. Enterprising. Turing is a leading provider of end-to-end digital solutions for water & land operations.

We are a dynamic team of thought leaders, industry professionals, and domain experts with a passion for advanced knowledge and technology.

Hiep Le

Chief Executive Officer

Deepak Pitta

Chief Revenue Officer,

Sashikumar Yeddnapudi

Chief Revenue Officer, TOPGreen

Leela Krishna Sriramula

Chief Business Officer

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