Achieve all your KPIs – all the time – with AI analytics.

The ultimate software platforms to measure and increase efficiency for water assets and landscaping operations.

Unlock your full potential with the power of AI and human expertise.

Our cyber-secure Turing Optimal Performance (TOP) platforms – TOPClear and TOPGreen – deliver end-to-end digital solutions that drive cost savings and sustainability for operations around the world. With intuitive tools and resources, TOP platforms are designed for seasoned professionals and newcomers alike.

But technology is only part of the solution.

Our industry experts meet with you regularly to provide customized support for your organization.


Our TOPClear platforms provide digital solutions for the entire life cycle of water. From treatment facilities to distribution networks, we handle it all. Lower your Total Water Cost and increase reliability with our revolutionary platforms.

Water Treatment

Maximize your performance with real-time data streaming.

Water Networks

Reduce risks and operational costs with remote asset analytics.



Our groundbreaking technology delivers cutting-edge solutions for the landscaping industry. Achieve up to 20% bottom-line improvements on landscaping jobs with high-accuracy GPS and advanced AI and geospatial software.

Turing combines digital solutions with real-time, customized support for water & landscaping operations.

  • Achieve your KPIs
  • Use less energy
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Save up to 20% in operational costs

Predictive Maintenance & Process Optimization

We take the guesswork out of performance. Through AI predictive analytics, your business will reduce costs by minimizing resources and downtime, and extending asset life.

Remote Monitoring & Control

Harnessing the power of AI, IIoT and advanced geospatial technology, we create a virtual model of your facility, network, or property. This allows you to easily view operations, rapidly detect performance issues, and proactively address maintenance needs.

Integrated Data & EaaS

Our comprehensive platforms seamlessly integrate with your current systems. This puts an end to siloed data – leading to better collaboration, response time, and accuracy. We also offer Expertise as a Service (EaaS), so you can access specialized knowledge on demand.

We create digital products that make life easier for operators, engineers, and managers.

Performance redefined.

AI and human expertise lead to optimal results – every time. Achieve increased efficiency and impact with our award-winning technologies.

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Achieve all your KPIs. All the time.

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