Remote Operations: Achieving Reliability While Reducing Costs

Turing, a digital solutions provider, was able to deliver it’s exclusive, integrated O&M management solution for water production in gypsum washing for Gradiant’s mining customer Rio Tinto. The SmartOps AI digital platform utilizing TOP Clear technology facilitated state-of-the-art operations management, maximizing water production efficiency.

The Challenge

The DSL Lake MacLeod site, situated 900 kilometers from Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, faced significant challenges in gypsum production due to the unreliable freshwater output from a rental reverse osmosis (RO) plant.

The plant necessitated substantial outsourced labor to maintain operational status and address frequent maintenance needs, resulting in high operating expenses.

The remote location of the site further exacerbated the issue, making it difficult and costly to secure skilled labor on-site.

The Solution

Gradiant implemented a comprehensive build, own, operate, and transfer (BOOT) solution to address the challenges at the DSL Lake MacLeod site. This approach focused on minimizing operating expenses through innovative process engineering and the integration of Turing’s exclusive SmartOps AI digital operating and maintenance software.

The plant was equipped with an extensive array of sensors and automation, all managed by our SmartOps AI software platform. This advanced SCADA system which utilizes our TOP Clear technology, leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for predictive operations, maintenance, and operating expense optimization.

SmartOps AI enabled immediate remote operations management through real-time anomaly detection, monitoring, and control by our experts. AI algorithms were deployed to forecast maintenance requirements, such as the timing for filter replacements and membrane cleanings. Additionally, AI algorithms optimized processes for maximum efficiency in water production, energy use, and chemical consumption.

Preventive maintenance was performed by Gradiant technicians on a monthly to bi-monthly basis, ensuring consistent and reliable plant operations.

The Benefits

At the heart of Rio Tinto’s remote operations, SmartOps AI powered by Turing’s TOP Clear technology, is transforming the way process water supply is managed.

Imagine a plant where a high level of automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) come together to create a seamless, efficient system. This is what SmartOps AI delivers, enabling fully remote operations and periodic on-site preventive maintenance.

The result? A significant reduction in OPEX.

Traditionally, many industrial sites struggle with data silos, separating operations from maintenance. SmartOps AI breaks down these barriers, managing all O&M data on a single platform. This integration allows machine learning algorithms to generate powerful analytics. Our experts can then easily use this data to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the site.

For Rio Tinto, the impact has been profound. SmartOps AI simplified the complexities of O&M at their process water supply facility, especially given its remote location. The platform alleviated the need for managing skilled labor on-site and mitigated technical and performance risks associated with advanced water treatment technologies.

The new plant, controlled by SmartOps AI, consistently produced the required process water for gypsum at lower costs than the guaranteed OPEX, a stark contrast to the old rental plant. Feedback from the site highlighted another benefit: the quality of gypsum improved due to the reliable, high-quality process water.

SmartOps AI didn’t just streamline operations; it elevated the entire process, setting a new standard for efficiency and quality.

SmartOps AI Dashboard

Fast Facts


Lake MacLeod, Western Australia

End User:

Rio Tinto



Feedwater Source:



ROI and SmartOps AI

System Configuration:

2 x 50% ROI with Direct Feed and Multimedia Media Pretreatment

System Capacity:

1,080 m3/day

Online Date:

November 2021

Delivery Model:



Operating labor savings via remote management


Consumable savings from designed filter and chemical consumption



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