Water Treatment

Unlock more reliable and efficient water treatment facilities with the power of AI.

We believe that with the right technologies and experts, you can transform your water challenges into sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

Introducing TOPClear Water Treatment, an AI-powered platform that provides water treatment solutions for optimal performance, sustainability, and reliability.

Our integrated system addresses the following challenges:

  • Lack of skilled labor
  • Limited visibility
  • Insufficient use of data
  • Reactive maintenance
  • Human error

With real-time data streaming and Machine Learning, TOPClear improves productivity by detecting anomalies and predicting future events.

All of our TOPClear Water Treatment packages offer modular options to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Asset Performance Management

Tap into the predictive power of AI and Machine Learning.

This package allows you to optimize a variety of advanced water treatment processes and improve equipment maintenance. Through the power of Machine Learning, you can easily forecast operating anomalies and ensure your system is running at optimal performance – all the time.

The Asset Performance Management package empowers operators and managers to go above and beyond.


  • Maximize reliability with AI-adaptive controls
  • Optimize water production and recovery for complex 
  • Reduce energy, chemicals, and resources
  • Achieve the lowest Total Water Cost

O&M Management

Manage your operations and maintenance with ease.

This package replaces traditional SCADA systems with an intuitive interface. For single or multiple plants, experience enhanced monitoring and control on-site or remotely. Our cyber-secure platform is fully customizable and provides performance analytics to maintain day-to-day operations.

By integrating operating data, you will simplify and automate your maintenance and consumables to improve plant uptime. This package also allows you to centralize your compliance and personnel paperwork for enhanced safety and sustainability.

Designed by operators for operators, the O&M Management package has you covered.


  • Simplify operations and maintenance procedures with our intuitive interface
  • Increase labor efficiencies with automation of all facets of your operations
  • Maximize performance visibility for remote and central operations
  • Reduce SCADA, CMMS, inventory, and HSEQ software costs

Data Management

Secure your data in one integrated platform.

This package manages data collection, processing, and transfer through our advanced SCADA and AI software. Our platform allows two-way data streaming, which enables efficient and flexible integration. You can also integrate with other visualization and analytics software that best fit your needs.

The Data Management package gives you the peace of mind that your data is both protected and used to its full potential.


  • Improve KPI oversight by centralizing your data from multiple plants
  • Reduce costs associated with SCADA implementation
  • Flexible data and software integration so you’re not locked into a single platform
  • Secure confidential data with ISO 27001 compliance

System Integration

Transform your operations to be Industry 4.0 ready.

This package is the starting point for digitalizing water treatment systems. We design, supply, and install our hardware devices to enable seamless data streaming. This includes instrumentation that complies with your specifications and connectivity devices, such as IIoT gateways, VPN modems, and industrial computers.

The System Integration package equips you with the digital resources you need to thrive.


  • Effortlessly achieve your digitalization strategy
  • Reduce costs with optimized sensors and devices
  • Achieve a high return on your investment with AI-powered technology