Preventing Sewer Overflows: Safeguarding Infrastructure, Public Safety, and Environment

In partnership with Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB), Turing implemented TOP Clear Water Networks, an AI-based system to prevent sewer overflows and optimize wastewater management. By deploying IoT devices in high-risk areas, TOP Clear provided real-time insights and saved millions in cleanup costs. This approach enhances operational efficiency, environmental protection, and public safety.

The Challenge

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) in Singapore faced a significant challenge with sewer overflows, posing threats to infrastructure, public safety, and the environment, particularly in areas like Little India, Geylang, and Serangoon Gardens. These areas, with high concentrations of restaurants, experienced faster accumulation of fat, oil, and grease in the sewer network, leading to blockages and potential overflow events.

The Solution

To address wastewater management challenges, PUB partnered with Turing to launch a pilot trial in January 2021, deploying TOP Clear Water Networks IoT devices in sewer manholes. These durable, battery-operated devices provide real-time alerts when wastewater levels exceed safe thresholds, allowing PUB to prevent overflows proactively. TOP Clear is an AI-based geospatial cloud platform that integrates various sensors and data sources for smart network management. It offers a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution with user-friendly web and mobile apps, delivering real-time data and insights for efficient operations and maintenance.

The Benefits

The implementation of Turing’s real-time monitoring solution has significantly benefited PUB and the community. From January to December 2021, Turing alerted PUB to 10 potential blockages, enabling prompt action that prevented sewer overflows, infrastructure damage, public safety risks, and environmental contamination. The AI-powered TOP Clear Water Networks platform has improved operational efficiency, allowing PUB to optimize maintenance and resource allocation, reducing response times and disruptions. This proactive approach has transitioned PUB from reactive to predictive operations, enhancing safety, compliance, and cost savings.

Additionally, TOP Clear detected over 50 illegal discharge events, prevented millions in losses, and protected underground pipe assets at over 100 construction sites through geofencing.

This ongoing collaboration reflects a commitment to innovation and sustainability in wastewater management.

Fast Facts




PUB Singapore National Water Agency


Municipal & Infrastructure

Feedwater Source:



TOP Clear Water Networks


5.4 mil+

Sewer Network:

3600+ KM

Online Date:


Delivery Model:



Sewer blockages prevented annually

2-3 year battery life & waterproof

IoT devices. Impressive longevity and resilience.

$5 million

Saved in maintenance

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